rapid mold design and making

using 3d drawing for design and making rapid mold and get the pre-production parts for lower volume injection parts.

molding parts process

we will trial our rapid mold once we complete it in house. and once we find some shortage and we will improve it at once.

remake some related parts for clients

to cut the lead time for whole project process, we will hope clients to build related parts for clients, metal part, cnc lathing and machined parts, stamping part and rubber seal part

our beliefs

we will be passional to creat something imposible become something posible and realistic

Who we are?

We’re DTF rapid mold service, and we can make your ideal become reality in plastic injection part. We are an injection mold maker and injection part manufacturer for high/low volumes.

The picture is AL material mold for molding part. It is very successful case for our foreign customer.

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Our history

DTF was founded in 2007, The facotry has 2,000 square meter space has evolved to 26 employees, we have engineerdepartment,mold department, injection workshop.all of orders will be complete in our house for one stop for foreign customer.

Our main product

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Two-color or multi-color coated adhesive mold

We build 2 colour or multi-color overmold for handle molding part, let the touch surface is soft-touch feeling, and it will have rubber part performance. DTF specializes in the design and build of 2 shot plastic injection molds and has successfully manufactured pre-production and production tooling for structural, water management, crash impact and noise reduction applications.

AL7075 for mold plate

We using AL7075 for mold plate, some mold components also made of AL material , some of component we can choice steel material and hard degress is high for special mold components.

Build large and heavy weight rapid mold for our clients.

Just like picture and this parts weight reach 4.5kg. We also build rapid mold for the injection parts.

The small and accurate molding part

The small and accurate molding part is suitable rapid mold for making the first sample for test and improve the design. We can easy to get the molding parts for test pre-production sample form rapid mold.

Our successful cases

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heavy injection molding part

we help our clients development the heavy weight molding parts

complex rubber molding part

we help clients development complex

related metal part

some metal stamping part, cnc machined and lathing parts

Why choice DTF

Short lead time and high quality, lower cost for pre-production projects is your right choice.

short lead time

once we get your rfq file and we will send you a feedback within 8 hours.

competitive price

special for the new project at the beginning of development, cost is a big problem , we can let you put down cost risk on mold and tooling.

high quality

the molding parts is not like 3d printing part and prototype parts, it is a real injection molding part and has high quality

provide the low and mass parts

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Once pre-production is successful then later transitioned into production tooling.You will reduce the mold cost and business risk for your projects.

Also you can find out some disadvantages of your injection parts once rapid mold is made well and improve design for the final injection parts. And it will be easy for modification for the rapid mold and low cost for remake or replace some components of mold.

For example, we can build some heavy thickness molding part, and also we can put the insert screw with molding part and it will be easy and assemble

How our clients to say about us

here we can get high quality molding part and related parts from DTF, And the lead time is very short , price is very reasonable and competitive.


We got high quality mold ing parts from here, and now our projects is runing  smooth .

We got the heavy molding rubber parts from DTF, And the shape is very complex and traditional process can not to make our, DTF help us to complete our heavy rubber molding part project
Project Engineer
we send a rfq files to DTF for our heavy injection molding part, at last we got a high quality part, and the mold cost is lower, And we save many cost in mold development for our new projects, thanks for Andy helps.
purchase manager
DTF help us to make our molding parts and related metal parts . and we can get most of parts for our new project in one-stop. The whole working is efficient.
purchase manager

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