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Unfathomable Tolerances? Unbelievably intricate nature? You can rely on multi axis machining parts from China.

You may rely on our parts if you need a machine shop that can precisely manufacture complicated components. Our team of qualified CNC machinists have the necessary experience and knowledge to manufacture components like CNC lathing part manufacturers with close tolerance and precision of as little as 1 micron. We want to undertake the work if other machining parts axis shops CANT. Give us a call to find out more about our facility, equipment, and personnel’s capabilities or to explore if your design ideas can be manufactured.

Services offered with micron tolerances:

  • CNC precision milling (three, four, and five axes)
  • Wire EDM Machining (.0015″ corner radii and positional accuracy up to 00004″)
  • Ram/Plunge/Sink          

High-Precision Machining Parts Axis Catering to National Industries

Multi Axis Machining Parts has been a reliable partner to several industries in China since 1944. China offers the finest ultra-precision CNC machining services, ensuring that your parts are machined to your precise requirements, regardless of your location. If “normal” machine shops believe the intricate, very tight tolerances your components require are “impossible” to attain, China can help.

Our CNC programmers and machinists have decades of expertise, so no job is too big or too complex for China. This makes us the top OEM parts supplier for businesses around the country. We still provide high-precision machining parts axis services to businesses in China, Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, and other states.

When Accuracy and Quality are Synonymous

To effectively run our software and manufacture high-quality components, an experienced technical team is required; yet, it is precisely this difficulty level that distinguishes our CNC Machines and their operators. We can achieve more accurate placement and velocity with a three-dimensional CNC machine than we can with manual milling.


What is the procedure for multi-axis milling?

To accurately cut and shape materials, a milling machine having more than three axes—typically four or five—is used in the multi-axis milling process.

Setting up the workpiece in the milling machine and adjusting the various axes (X, Y, Z, A, B, etc.) are steps in the multi-axis positioning process.

A milling machine advances a workpiece up against a spinning cutting tool to remove material using rotary cutters.

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