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Our firm is situated in the Huangyan Mould Industrial Park in Taizhou, China, and specializes in producing mold material selection including the best heavy molding parts and the best Injection Mold Maker. It is close to the Taizhou Gulf Container Wharf, Luqiao Airport, and the Hang-Yong Express (which connects Huangzhou and Ningbo). As heavy molding manufacturers, we add expediency and ease to transportation as a result.

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We, as heavy molding part manufacturers, set up workshops to manufacture home appliance molds, various reusable containers, and other plastic molds. The workshops are spread across 6,000 square meters and equip with advanced heavy molding services. Such as CNC machining centers, more than 50 sets of numerically controlled machines for finishing impressions, electrical spark and liner cutting, and more. In addition, we would be happy to represent you in the production of plastic components. Our skilled specialists use UG, and Pro/E software to design the Best heavy molding rubber parts.

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Our firm stands out for having developed heavy molding service for 13 years, having a strong technological base, and having a happy work atmosphere. Our primary business focus encompasses big and medium plastic molds and includes automotive, industrial products, and SMC compression molds. Additionally, the items have global acceptance.

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We, as heavy molding manufacturers, adhere to the following scientific ideas to dominate the market and meet consumer demands: “technology first, quality as the core, better service, and reasonable price.” We cordially invite all of our friends, both domestic and foreign, to visit our factory. Reach us right now to start sourcing for the best heavy molding parts.


An injection molding machine at a shop uses a specific mold that is made for each item to produce the parts. Although these are two different tasks, in China a supplier’s proposal is usually requested for the cost of both the mold and the component manufacture. Along with detailing the experience of navigating the entire procedure, we as heavy molding part manufacturers, also give crucial advice and go into depth about the lessons that were learned.


Which substance is most frequently useful for molding?

The selection of a molding material might change depending on certain needs. Still, a few often utilized materials are as follows:

Polycarbonate (PC):
Butadiene Acrylonitrile Styrene (ABS):
Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).

Make sure the mold is accurate and tailored to the desired product. Selecting premium materials appropriate for the intended use.

The initial outlay for mold-making and tooling can be substantial, particularly in the case of intricate designs or very precise molds.

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