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rapid making

pre-production and production making mold
Some large size and complex shape molding part

injection part making

.low and mass molding injection part making

related metal and molding part making

cnc machind parts, cnc lathing parts and related metal parts making

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Our advantage

01. we are an expert for build rapid mold and injection part

1. we have rich experience for bulid rapid mold

02. we have workshop in house

1. we have engineer department.

2. we have mold working room and injection trial working room .

03. we can build some complex mold in short lead time

as we will build the mold in one-stop here, so we can provide sample to clients in short lead time

Latest rapid mold for molding

some large size and complex shape molding injection parts making cases

Focus our latest manufacture information

contact us today and feel free consult cost for rapid mold and molding part

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